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The sad story of an Ethiopian family

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The dismal story of an Ethiopian family. Nunu refers to a serious 3-day course with an Indonesian batik expert to be an encounter that took her specialty to another level. Batik is said to have arisen in Indonesia 2,000 years prior and its essence there originates before putting down accounts. Java is the most well-known district for this specific material workmanship.

Sudanese individuals knew about the method since the twelfth century, as per the antiquated Sudanese Manuscripts. Yoruba individuals in Nigeria and Soninke and Wolof individuals in Senegal additionally rehearsed the procedure however supplanted beeswax with cassava starch or rice glue.

“I needed to investigate handcrafted batik. A great deal of texture today is machine-made. This texture is my material. It resembles an artwork. I take that part and transform it into garments. A lot of my pieces transform into utilitarian craftsmanship that way.”

Nunu’s go-to texture is all-regular, frequently privately sourced cotton and material bought from Addisu Gebaye Weavers Association. She’s discovered manufactured texture doesn’t function admirably yet handspun and handwoven texture assimilates color well. She’s pre-owned machine-made cotton or silk yet discovered these textures don’t react just as handwoven material.

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