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The scandal surrounding Tamagn Beyene’s former house

Getachew Masresha, the husband of Tamagne Beyene’s sister, discusses the incident. Where in South Gonder did this take place In Ethiopia’s Amhara region, South Gondar is a district. Until the mid-nineteenth century, Gondar was Ethiopia’s capital city, and the region around it has been referred to as “Gondar” ever since.
The Abbay River separates South Gondar from the two Gojjam Zones on the south, the southwest, the west, the north, the upper east, the east, and the southeast. Mount Guna is the highest point in South Gondar (4,231 meters). There are a number of cities and towns in this part of Ethiopia including Addis Zemen, Debra Tabor, and Wereta. With a population of 2,051,738, according to Ethiopia’s Central Statistical Agency (CSA), an increase of 16 percent over the 1994 estimate, this Zone has a total population of 1,041,061 men and 1,010,677 females. South Gondar’s population density is 145.56 people per square kilometer, with 195,619 of those people (or 9.53 percent) living in the metropolitan area. This zone contains 468,238 families with an average of 4.38 members per and 453,658 accommodation units.

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