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The secret behind this doll…what parents should know

Barbie is a fashion doll designed by American entrepreneur Ruth Handler that was first released in 1959 by the toy company Mattel. Barbie the brand, which also includes a variety of fashion dolls and accessories, is represented by the toy. For more than 60 years, Barbie has played a significant role in the toy fashion doll industry. Barbie dolls have been sold over a billion times by Mattel, making them the brand’s most popular and lucrative line. Since the late 1980s, the brand has developed into a multimedia phenomenon that includes video games, computer-animated movies, and a live-action movie. According to reports, Ken and Barbie are the two most well-known dolls in the entire globe. Since its debut, Barbie has revolutionised the toy industry in wealthy areas of the world. Ruth Handler noted that her daughter Barbara frequently loved giving paper dolls adult roles as she played with them. The majority of children’s play dolls at the time were depictions of infants. Handler, a co-founder of the toy business Mattel, and her husband Elliot came up with the concept of an adult-bodied doll after realising that there might be a market gap. The notion didn’t excite him or the directors of Mattel. Ruth Handler discovered a German doll named Bild Lilli while travelling through Europe in 1956 with her kids Barbara and Kenneth. Handler knew exactly what she wanted, and she bought three of the adult-figured dolls. One was given to her daughter, and she returned the rest to Mattel.

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