The secret f 86 years old model

When his shirt is off, he looks fantastic. A lot of individuals have observed. Casting directors and fashion designers, both domestically and internationally, are aware of Wang Deshun’s success and believe he looks just as good as guys a quarter his age. During Beijing Fashion Week on a March evening two years ago, the legend of Hottest Grandpa was born. Now eighty years old, the sexiest grandfather, with an unruly Confucian Vandyke, stood backstage as minions tenderized his hairless chest with baby oil and coiffed his corona of white hair, his pecs throbbing to their own techno beat. Hu Sheguang, the designer, fitted him with cushioned cotton pants and told him about the plans for that evening. First, He Hottest Grandpa would lead the ladies models outside for their curtain call after doing a pantomime in which he would battle a strong wind. He was the only male model. Furthermore, his face and flesh were the only ones that were really visible because the female models’ faces were covered in tiny steampunk glasses and cat ears. Hottest Grandpa wasn’t Hottest Grandpa during that relatively peaceful backstage moment before to the walk, when he was getting fussed over for the very last time.

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