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The secret to staying in love as a couple

Never discount the importance of asking your partner about his day. The fact that something is routine doesn’t make it any less wonderful. Even if you had the impression that no one was interested in what you accomplished, at least you know that your spouse will be interested and want to know specifics. Some conflicts are just conflicts. They don’t have to be absolute must-haves. Even if you are deeply in love with someone, you can still be angry with them. Fighting need not be the end. Remaining couples prioritise their bond over their differences. Recognise the commitments that accompany relationships. But be truthful about the events you strongly believe your partner should attend. Not every requirement is necessary. He is aware that you must attend the Passover Seder every year but that you will still live if you turn down an invitation to his friend’s Super Bowl party. You two are both being reasonable about it. Little unexpected purchases add up quickly. Is your significant other a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream? While performing mundane daily tasks like restocking the milk, picking up some while you’re at the store demonstrates that you were still thinking of him. When none of the couples are friends, avoid forcing group or double dates. It’s not necessary to have the same friends.

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