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The situation in Woldia today

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Ethiotimes day by day Ethiopian news update on 29 July 2021. The dissenters recited, “stop submitted against Eritrean displaced people, “the global-local area needs to hear us,” We are outcasts, not legislators!” The exiles specifically approached the worldwide local area to shield their kindred Eritreans from the maltreatments they have been looking at in Tigray.

They likewise griped that their advances and messages to the global-local area and UN International Organization for Migration stay unnoticed regardless of whether they genuinely submitted composed articulations to the concerned. As per the displaced people, the circumstance of the exiles in Tigray has been deteriorating now and again as they are currently killed in woods while escaping from their asylums.

The impaired, youngsters, and the old partook in the show. Eritrean displaced people living in Addis Ababa organized fights today against the infringement and scares executed in the Tigray locale against exiles.

The displaced people held the showing before the UN International Organization for Migration office in the capital city.

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