Thursday, May 19, 2022
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The situation of Ethiopians in Saudi prisons

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Detail data about the current circumstance of Ethiopians in Saudi detainment facilities. Held for over five months, the devastated travelers who initially got away from Ethiopia for a superior life in Saudi Arabia are scratching by with scarcely enough food and water, the three said. Stopped up latrines are spilling over, and numerous transients have created skin contaminations and different sicknesses.

“There’s no clinical consideration in jail and they don’t go out,” Ethiopian extremist Lema Zelalem Birhane told AFP, talking from Addis Ababa. “Individuals have been remaining in that jail for over five months, they didn’t perceive any daylight for a very long time.”

He is in touch with the prisoners and certified cases by the transients to AFP that numerous individuals have ended their own lives. Saudi Arabia’s media service, the country’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) just as the Ethiopian government office in Riyadh have not reacted to AFP’s solicitations for input.

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