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Even though the nature of the relationship must alter after a breakup, there are instances when you still want to grab onto that person. Even if you’ve concluded you’re not right as a pair, it makes sense that you and your ex would still want to stay in touch given your shared past. Whatever the cause, you can still maintain a friendship with your ex if you take the necessary precautions to establish boundaries, safeguard your feelings, and accept the changes in your relationship. You can’t have a dramatic, no-holds-barred split if you want to stay friends. Any significant difficulties must be resolved during the breakup process without exchanging insults and animosity. That does not imply that you must end the relationship amicably. Of course you’ll both feel sad and angry. Giving up something so significant in your life is difficult. It does, however, imply that you must treat one another with respect to the very end. Think about how you split up before choosing whether you want to be friends. You might not want to stay in a relationship if there was regular bickering, you didn’t enjoy being together, and you stopped having interesting talks. You must spend some time apart from one another after you break up. You can’t immediately transition from being romantic to becoming buddies. This phase must be taken slowly; each of you must be prepared to transition into a different kind of partnership. The length of time it takes to develop into a friendship is dependent on the circumstances and the individuals involved and cannot be predicted in advance.

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