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The statement by FDRE attorney general

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A criminal examination has been in progress throughout the previous two months by a group of specialists and investigators from the Federal Attorney General and Federal Police for supposed violations perpetrated in various territories of Tigray Region comparable to the Law Enforcement Mission. During the examination, until May 3, 2021 declarations of 95 observers and narrative proof have been taken and gathered by the examination group.

From the declarations and narrative proof gathered, it has been set up that TPLF had enlisted, prepared, and conveyed around 2,500 para-military staff from regular people in significant urban communities of the area to lead metropolitan fighting preceding the section of ENDF to the City of Axum. As a case, in Axum city alone, 1,500 youth got one-day “preparing” on the most proficient method to fire weapons during the period from 10 to 18 November 2020 in various rounds to defy the ENDF. It is set up from the proof that the ENDF entered Axum on 19 November 2020 and stayed in the city until 27 November 2020. During this period, it has been determined that five people have kicked the bucket by gun cannons which was expected for military focuses of the TPLF. Another non military personnel was because of conflict with law requirement powers in regards to penetrate of the time limit forced by the highly sensitive situation announcement.

On 27 November 2020, when the ENDF left the city to complete another law authorization mission, few Eritrean soldiers showed up in two vehicles and were positioned in the precipitous space of the city. Now, TPLF frameworks spread talk such that the Eritrean armed force entered the city to give up and not to battle and impelled the 1500 youth that they had prepared before to raise arms and catch the Eritrean warriors. All the while, individuals from the TPLF Special Forces and civilian army in the Adet territory entered the city to battle in Axum. In the interim, the previous chairman of the city of Axum joined the TPLF powers in the forested areas, composed a letter requesting for the conveyance of weapons put away in five areas, including those taken from the ENDF’s Northern Command. At one area alone, 400 units of weapons were removed according to the heading of the last mentioned. This was affirmed by declarations from the adolescent, just as individuals from the Special Forces.

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