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The statement by INSA

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Ethiopia has confronted with an inward psychological militant assault drove by TPLF, the Biden organization has decided to surrender its complementary responsibility in shielding Ethiopia at the hour of its necessities. This activity on Ethiopia will send an unmistakable and chilling message to nations all throughout the planet who regarded their obligation to the US, the committee said.

“The Honorable Senator Inhofe, Ethiopia salutes you for your bold position, to come clean to the world. Your noteworthy discourse echoes Emperor Haile Selassie’s bring in 1936, helping the League to remember Nations that 12 million Ethiopians were delivered without present day weapons to safeguard themselves by notice the world body “God and history will recollect your judgment.”

Ethiopia a serene country of 110 million individuals remains with you side by side in over-coming excessive pressing factor by incredible forces meddling in its public power. The gathering communicated trust that the organization will notice Jim Inhofe’s call to abstain from heightening the conciliatory stance that may compromise the very long term US respective relationship with Ethiopia, a significant African country.

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