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The story of a woman and her mother in-law

It’s crucial to invest in both your relationship with your future husband and your relationship with his parents if you want to create a successful marriage. The foundation of your marriage will be greatly strengthened by your investment in your relationship with your in-laws, and it will be much simpler for the two sides of the family to become one. You need to understand each of your in-laws’ personalities in order to win them over. This implies that your interactions with your mother-in-law and father-in-law should differ slightly. There is a distinction because future mother-in-laws, in particular, can be a little fussier and difficult to accept you as her daughter in law. You’ll need to use particular strategies if you want to impress and establish a connection with your partner’s mother. No matter how you are feeling on any given day, you should never be rude or act snidely. Nothing irritates a mother-in-law more than a person who is polite occasionally and rude other times. Make sure she knows you can say please and thank you. It is best if you emphasize these two points more. Regardless of how at ease you feel discussing things with her, never ever criticize her son in any way. She is his mother, after all, and all you will receive if you criticize your partner is her protective mother instincts (or claws). She will be curious about your beliefs, so it will be beneficial if you share that curiosity with her.

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