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The story of Ethiopian strong girl Etsub

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My mom is cheerful! I lost my marriage due to my little girl! The narrative of Ethiopian solid young lady Etsub. Entertainers from five landmasses will assemble by their affection for theater to discuss the planetary occasion that changed the existences of in excess of seven billion individuals. “The Art of Facing Fear”, perceived as one of the notable works made during the pandemic, was organized without precedent for June 2020, discussing the perplexity and dread of an obscure circumstance looked by the whole planet, and that even today it has numerous unanswered inquiries.

The montage, which has effectively been seen by in excess of 30,000 individuals, is a co-creation by Os Satyros and The Red Curtain International, an imaginative association from India, a country that is today the focal point of the pandemic. Albeit in the midst of worldwide conflict by Covid-19, the resumption of creative exercises actually requires a ton of exertion and care, it’s undeniably true that theater specialists need to work. It’s anything but a world that profits gradually, shifting as per the phase of control of the pandemic in every country.

Yet, it’s anything but a matter that worries the whole planet, so there isn’t anything better than uniting the encounters of the five mainlands, blending, in an imaginative work, the very inclination that assists the world with relaxing. In an evident logical inconsistency, this becomes conceivable at the present time, in this new life before the screens.

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