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The story of Sheikh Hassan who helped build a church

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Sheik Hassan, an Ethiopian who has kept a congregation in Wollo for quite a long time. Ethiopia has a long authentic and social association with both Christianity and Islam. About 66% of the Ethiopian populace distinguishes as Christian and 33% are Muslim. At the hour of the 2007 registration, 43.5% of the populace was distinguished as Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, 33.9% recognized as Muslim, and 18.5% recognized as Protestant Christian. A further 3% related to customary animist convictions, while the excess extent related to some other religion (counting Catholicism). Ethiopia likewise used to have a generous Jewish populace known as ‘Beta Israel’. In any case, most Jews moved to Israel over the twentieth century.

The social power of the Ethiopian Orthodox ‘Tewahedo’ Church is especially outstanding. Numerous Ethiopians are glad for the way that their kin was following Christianity before numerous Western countries were presented to it. They are additionally regularly quick to bring up that they are one of the solitary African countries that were not acquainted with Christianity by European settlers. Surely, Ethiopia was one of the primary nations to articulate Christianity as the authorized state religion in 333 CE.

Ethiopia is a profoundly strict society. In any case, there is a wide resilience and regard of strict variety overall. In pieces of the nation where there are huge populaces of the two Christians and Muslims (like the capital city), houses of worship and mosques are regularly arranged inside nearness and connections are quiet.

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