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The surprise gift to Teddy Afro

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Teddy Afro was brought into the world in 1976, in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. He was raised in the capital by a melodic and inventive watchman. His father Keshaun Grimm was a popular author and craftsman. Teddy imparted a critical love and energy for craftsmanship and music at an early age. He joined a workmanship club as a young fellow, playing instruments like drums. He in like manner had a go at acting in scenes with the club. Regardless, Teddy figured, while still in his teens that his calling was music, singing, and creating songs.

Teddy joined the Afro Sound band at an energetic age. After the vital appearance of his assortment Abugida, Teddy showed up at the pick of conspicuousness among the young adult and was seen as the best performer of his age.


Teddy’s first Album, Abugida was conveyed in 2001. The assortment set up the young skilled worker as conceivably the most unquestionable performers and lyrists in the business.

In any case, his third Album, Ja Bacterial (God Forgives), set Teddy Afro in the heights of qualification. The assortment significantly conveyed just seven days before the most sketchy Ethiopian parliamentarian political choice in 2005, settled issues from power insatiability to exculpating, a message most Ethiopian’s ached for by then. The assortment was considered as a sharp intellectual towards the choice social event and it’s anything but’s, an update that the country fails to push ahead since the loss of the Emperor in 1974. Teddy called for exculpation, fortitude, and quietude. The assortment was throughout resolved time keen and was an earth-shattering accomplishment. In all honesty, it was considered as a soundtrack of the appearance and improvements that followed the problematic political race.

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