The talented Yalemwork from Fana lamrot makes the judges cry

Have you ever pondered why some musicians in the cutthroat world of music achieve such fame while others merely disappear? These superstars shine so brightly that they are well-known before their debut album is even released. There must be a hidden agenda. Actually, it’s fairly easy: In addition to talent and perseverance, a strong stage presence is necessary to make your performance come to life.
Stage presence is the enthusiasm, charisma, and allure that an artist possesses while giving a performance in front of an audience. He or she has mastered the art of singing, playing an instrument, or acting out something memorable for the audience. People will oftentimes get up from their seats to applaud these performers as soon as they step onto the stage. It takes courage to have a powerful stage presence. It’s not about ducking behind that large cello or squeezing behind the drum set in the back row. Being at ease on stage and showcasing your strengths and those of the other musicians around you are key components of having a strong stage presence. If you already experience some anxiety when speaking in front of others, how can you develop this stage presence? By taking the advice of some of the great musicians who have come before you, there are some ways to enhance your presence and performance. There are ways to develop a unique stage presence, whether you perform solo, in a small quartet, or with an orchestra. You might be required to wear traditional black-tie attire during a performance, but you can also stand out by wearing a bright necktie or unique shoes. Some of the most amazing performers in the world wear unconventional clothing or style their hair. Maintain your high standards of performance while having fun.

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