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The tallest family in the world are put on Guinness World Records

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Like many other families, the Trapps had their quirks. Savanna, Molly, and Adam were born to Krissy and Scott, the couple’s first three children. Their hometown is Esko, MN where they grew up playing sports and now reside. Savanna dreams of becoming an actress or model, while Molly hopes to establish a family of her own one day.
Only one thing sets them apart from any other family on Earth: the Trapps have a daughter named Maria. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Trapps are the world’s tallest family, according to Guinness World Records, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment. The Trapps won their title on Dec. 6, 2020, after satisfying all of the requirements to become a part of the record books for their achievements. According to Savanna, “Our friends and family are so proud of us and like to use us for bragging rights, stating they know a world record holder,” Guinness released an interview with her this week. The five members of this family can comfortably walk the length of a regular tennis court, with an average height of 6 feet 8.03 inches.
Guinness World Records was Adam’s first stop.
Dr. Anna Sudoh of Essentia Health, an orthopedics expert, measured the family in December 2020. Standing up and lying down measurements were required three times a day, according to GWR. Once the average measures had been determined, the subjects’ “official” heights could be determined. Despite their sudden fame and renown, the Trapps remain unaffected by their newfound notoriety and continue to disseminate messages of hope and inspiration to anybody who has ever felt marginalized. “In the same way that most people do, I still put on my jeans one leg at the time. It’s just a pair of extremely long jeans “Adam stated.
Adam, who is 22 years old, is the family’s youngest and tallest member, standing at 7 ft 3 in tall. Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield, 27, and Molly Steede, both 27, are both 6 ft 8 in. When it comes to height, Mom Krissy is the most diminutive. Savanna, Adam, and Molly were all recruited to play college basketball and volleyball, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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