The tallest man got his wish fulfilled

They never divulge personal information about one another without consent. With so many open channels of communication available on the Internet, almost everything someone says or does is stored in some data bank, somewhere, frequently for eternity. Even innocently disclosed information can be misused in another context when it comes to person-to-person interactions. Partners that have a great regard for one another’s private secrets preserve them that way. They keep everything confidential that the other partner hasn’t discussed, including what information can be disclosed and with whom. Each may rely on the other when personal limits are respected. If one partner learns that the other disclosed material to a third party that is confidential. They are bravely transparent. It can be challenging to express feelings or ideas to a close partner that could offend or alienate them. Even when it is done on purpose, the truth can be harmful. However, unspoken feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, perplexity, grief, or contempt between spouses can do far more harm over time. Unfortunately, a lot of people suppress their emotions out of concern that what they say will be misunderstood or turned against them. Rather of discussing it directly with their partners, they can instead attempt to resolve the relationship in their own minds. Couples who wish to confront any discomfort, humiliation, or scary situation because they understand and accept that they can only repair what they can see.

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