The tallest millionaire in Ethiopia

First, people’s impressions of you when applying for jobs and careers are impacted by your height. People that are taller are seen as more distinguished, honorable, and upright. Whereas male respect and female adoration have a similar foundation, height signals have different effects on men and women. Taller persons have the advantage since they are respected and are viewed as leaders in society. In a job interview, where height directly affects in-person non-verbal communication, this benefit is most clear. There is a significant level of gravitas or respect conveyed through this nonverbal message. Vertical advancement shows the impact of height on interpersonal success. Taller persons typically earn more money due to job promotion, improved interviewing, intellectual disparities, and expectation changes. The chance of holding higher-ranking, better-paying positions as well as having more negotiating power both account for this reality. Taller persons have higher self-confidence and are more successful negotiators in scenarios like negotiating wage increases, promotions, and compensation expectations. Speaking of self-confidence, height boosts it more than all other individual variations combined. Not only are taller people perceived as having greater ability, but they also think so themselves.
This sense of competence results in actual performance improvements, higher pay, and improved self-concept and self-esteem. It appears that some of those height-related advantages may actually be self-fulfilling.

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