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The things heard from Sekota

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As needs be, the development of surveying materials from the middle to voting public utilizing 5000 vehicles cost 40 million birr. Moving surveying materials from bodies electorate to surveying focuses cost 50 million birr, 1,000 birr for each surveying station. Carrying of surveying materials for homegrown transportation in Dire Dawa, Kellem Wollega, Gambella, and the Benshangul Gumuz district cost 6.8 million birr.

Then again, recovery of surveying materials from bodies electorate to base camp in Addis Ababa utilizing 250 vehicles would cost 16.9 million birr. Moreover, recovery from 50,000 surveying stations to voting demographics costs 35 million birr with 700 birr cost for every station.

Polling form paper transportation from South Africa to Addis Ababa in four trips by Ethiopian Airlines cost 29.8 million birr. Each departure from South Africa cost 7,455,000 birr. Voting form papers imprinted in Dubai were additionally shipped by Ethiopian Airlines at an expense of 95,850,000 birr for six flights. Each flight cost 15,975,000 birr.The all out cost of transportation remains at 274,477,000 birr.

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