The three chefs battling for 50,000 birr and more

When we have the freedom to select the foods and ingredients, we are in control of which ingredients we actually need, which ones fit within our spending limits, and which ones support a healthy diet. We have complete control over the process when we prepare our own food! We can make sure that our families enjoy healthful, freshly prepared meals by cooking at home. As a result, we will have more energy, look and feel better, maintain a healthy weight, and have better sleep. There are a ton of additional advantages for our mental health as well! Our mental health benefits from food preparation since it serves as a diversion from our daily concerns, which lowers stress levels. After a long day at work, many individuals use cooking as therapy. We see the rewards in our pockets and our bodies when we adopt sound financial and dietary habits. This results in a more structured existence and financial peace of mind. In line with Forbes.com “Cooking at home is roughly five times cheaper than having food delivered from a restaurant. However, while slightly more economical than cooking from scratch, using a meal kit service as a shortcut to a home-cooked meal is still about three times more expensive. You can save more money if you learn to cook at home! On average, restaurants mark up the things they serve by roughly 300%. Budget-wise, dining at home versus going out is a whole different experience. Never forget that it is preferable to invest wisely in your physical and mental habits than to spend a lot of money dealing with the effects of an unbalanced existence.

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