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The Tigrigna musician Dawit passed away

Ethiopian music is composed in a variety of forms, the most frequent of which is the pentatonic scale with chevaline intervals. The basic modes of Ethiopian Highlands music, which is based on the qenet modal system, are tezeta, bati, ambassel, and anchihoy. There are three more modes: Tezeta minor, Bati major, and Bati minor, in addition to the aforementioned ones. qenets can be used to construct song titles like as the recalling song tizita. When played on Western instruments like pianos and guitars, traditional instruments are typically not tempered (i.e., the pitches may differ substantially from the Western-tempered tuning method). Ethiopian folk music has a rich and extensive history. Despite the fact that most people listen to, play, and record popular music, most singers prefer to perform older works. Arba Lijoch, a brass band created by 40 Armenian orphans who moved to Ethiopia from Jerusalem during Haile Selassie’s reign, became a prominent Ethiopian musical institution. When it arrived in Addis Ababa on September 6, 1924, this band became Ethiopia’s first official orchestra. Large orchestras accompanied concerts in the final months of WWII, with the Army Band, Police Band, and Imperial Bodyguard Band among the most well-known.

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