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The truth about the rumors about Dr. Mulu Nega

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Instructions the media today, National Defense Force Indoctrination Director-General Major General Mohammed Tesema said the video was delivered by specialists of the junta with the goal of confounding the overall population.

As per him, the radical TPLF bunch was annihilated unequivocally by the law authorization activity. Nonetheless, a portion of the remainders of the junta are presently going about as criminals by stowing away in timberlands and burglarizing just as slaughtering guiltless individuals in certain pieces of the locale, he uncovered.

“They have heightened killings of regular citizens in Tigray. The killings of individuals they have a place with proceed. The organization is now doing acts against individuals altogether parts of the country.” Remnants of the junta have likewise been doctoring killings completed by the junta as though dedicated by the National Defense Forces and disperse the controlled recordings.

They gathered by collecting acts by three distinct entertainers at better places to at long last specialist the show through which they made objection controlling the world media as though the guard powers had slaughtered TPLF assailants.


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