The twin doctors got married together

The identical doctors wed one another. Only 3% of people are twins, according to estimates, therefore it’s understandable why most people find the concept so intriguing. When I’ve revealed that I’m a twin, I’ve always been met with shock at first, followed by tremendous curiosity from those who want to know everything there is to know about multiples. Here is everything you didn’t know about being a twin in an effort to help other twins avoid asking the same endless questions. Contrary to popular opinion, twins are not exact replicas of one another. For instance, although sharing the same womb, twins have different sets of fingerprints because they sat in different positions during developing. Additionally, research have shown that identical twins might have different DNA sequences, therefore they do not share the same DNA. Keep in mind that boy-girl twins are almost never identical, but rather fraternal, unless there is a rare chromosomal issue, while we’re on the subject of science. Though it’s a common misconception, science has absolutely no evidence to support the idea that having twins can skip a generation. It is a total myth. However, twins can be inherited. Fraternal twins can be inherited, but identical twins are not. Fraternal twin siblings increase a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant with twins by 2.5 times compared to the average woman.
And just so you know, only the mother’s genes matter when it comes to having twins. Additionally, as women get older and use specific pregnancy techniques, such in vitro, their odds of conceiving twins increase.

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