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The two brothers on a new theatre

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Tesfu and Million, two brothers, are performing together in a new theater. With just a single word or phrase, my brother and I can always complete each other’s sentences and retell inside jokes when we are together. We essentially speak in our own hidden language. Perhaps this explains why I’m drawn to tales that highlight the wonderful bond that exists between siblings. Consider the fortuitous encounter that led to the reunion of Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer, two brothers who had been split up as infants but had been attracted to one another when they ran into one another more than ten years later. The gathering was held on a steamy June day. Isaac, 12, went to his regular community pool in Washington, Missouri, where he had been going to for years, to cool off. But on that particular day, a new person entered the picture: Dakotah, a 13-year-old buddy of a friend. You could say that Isaac and Dakotah got along great. Even jokingly, one of their friends said that the two lads behaved like brothers. On second thinking, what if it wasn’t a joke after all? Isaac and Dakotah compared their characteristics and found a startling likeness. They reportedly even walked similarly, and they shared the same nose and hair. They also spoke in a similar manner and shared a similar sense of humor. Isaac brought up the subject with his mother that evening just before bed.

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