The two Emama Zinash met for the first time

enhanced physical and mental wellness for the elderly. They gain from engaging with young people on both a cerebral and physical level. When around youngsters, people frequently recall their youth. Compared to other cultures, seniors are more prone to feel lonely. At any age, it may be distressing to feel unimportant, forgotten, and alone. Participation in intergenerational programmes and deep cross-generational connections may reduce social isolation, boost perceptions of self-worth and wellbeing in older persons, and enhance social and emotional competence in kids and teenagers. Spending time with the elderly can make them feel appreciated, whether it’s through learning from their experience or just by showing them that you care. Compared to earlier generations, older persons today are better educated, healthier, and more capable. They are a really valuable resource. What about the oldest, most feeble of the old, though? They might serve as our best teachers. They have a lifetime’s worth of accumulated wisdom to impart, and their words and tales of the past can definitely teach us. Nevertheless, they teach us about ourselves and our place in the world by being authentically themselves and teaching us by example. Elders can impart valuable life lessons on us that will help and direct us throughout our lives. Everyone deserves to be respected and cherished at every stage of their lives because they are endowed with dignity and worth.

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