The two media personnel Liya and Sami got married

It’s hardly a novel concept to consider getting married to your best friend. Many people advise getting married to your best friend when asked how to have a happy marriage. You’ve probably heard at least one married couple declare that they are best friends. Many people believe you have to be best friends before falling in love, which is a common misconception about this expression. Even though it does happen occasionally, this is not what the phrase refers to. The truth is that finding a spouse that you wanted to be best friends with before starting a relationship with them would be quite challenging. If the advice to “marry your best friend” alarmed you because none of your best friends intrigue you, fear no more. The majority of people mean that you should develop a friendship with your romantic spouse when they advise you to marry your best friend. They advise making your spouse your best friend because a happier marriage is likely to result from this. Similar interests, whether they be in movies, sports, or hobbies, may be very beneficial to your relationship. Making time for activities you both enjoy will add excitement and enjoyment to your relationship. Even if you and your spouse don’t share the same interests, you can still get married. You probably have numerous pals who are significantly different from you in terms of their interests. This is the reason you don’t have to like doing everything your partner does. You should, however, make sure that you and your spouse can compromise and don’t mind participating in each other’s activities. Togetherness time will be easier and more pleasurable as a result of this. You never know, with time your interests might change for one another.

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