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The untold story of Millen Hailu

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Rock articulations are engineered pictures put aside on sinkholes and rock safeguards routinely obvious as the visual language of the antiquated social orders. The craftsmanship is a library that gives us information about the past and the native living space. Pictures that had been depicted on rock surfaces pass on critical social inheritance information and the scholarly limit of the antiquated people. Rock craftsmanship occurred before the methodology of creating and sets up a more broad statement of early social classes’ appearance of themselves and their point of view.

The old depictions might address the ordinary scene of the biological resources and the best perspective on humankind conveyed as sensible and dynamic visual workmanship.

An antiquated man might have taken in his first sensible mental knowledge from the track of an animal or himself from impacts had in sand or mud. We would think today that these are pictures that man sorted out some way to see pictures and that propelled him to make his own innovative work. By the impression and freshness of the impression of the animal, the tracker could figure immediately who passed by and how old the impression was. This transformed into a pantomime in the making of rock craftsmanship that had been changed as a technique for educational media. Understanding the components of these musings would open the way for us to grasp the beginnings of workmanship. We would be then prepared to fathom the capabilities among pragmatic and applied workmanship. Sinkholes were homes of individuals before man acclimated to a latent life. These are depositories that pass on information about the lifestyle of the mankind of the distant past and the chronicled setting of animal species too. The depiction of the sorts of the animals pursued reveals to us much about the organic framework in which individuals lived, and the depiction of instruments uncovers their particular capacities. Also, rock craftsmanship bears significant confirmation of the social and insightful history of mankind. The unbelievable pictures are crucial pieces of social roots that pass on the association between individuals, nature, and the amazing substances previously.

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