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The unusual wedding crusher

Authorities claimed Landon Rankin, a retired deputy, seized boxes of cards containing cash and cheques from 11 weddings in the Phoenix region. Authorities said a former deputy sheriff became a “wedding crasher bandit,” showing up beautifully dressed but uninvited to 11 weddings in Arizona and stealing cash and checks from envelopes given to the newlyweds. Landon Rankin, 54, a former deputy with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office for 21 years, was arrested on Wednesday in Apache Junction, Ariz., and charged with two charges of burglary and three counts of narcotics possession and drug paraphernalia, according to court documents. The crimes occurred at weddings in the Phoenix region between March 18 and April 29, according to officials. Mr. Rankin is being held in a Gilbert, Arizona, jail without bond. Mr. Rankin was arrested with two checks from the most recent wedding he had crashed and “numerous” wedding cards in his car, according to authorities. According to the police, Mr. Rankin told them that he was attending weddings because he was going through a divorce and wanted to hear wedding vows. When questioned about the stolen money, he claimed to have spent it all on repairing his “bass boat,” according to authorities.

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