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The voice of the displaced children of North Wollo

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Meeting with dislodged offspring of north Wollo. Following the loot by the TPLF inner circle, the water system advancement project completely quit working and in excess of 8,000 ranchers using the plan were uprooted, it added. Amhara Agriculture Bureau Deputy Head, Abebaw Getu disclosed to ENA that the psychological oppressor TPLF bunch obliterated and plundered the water system improvement project as it has been doing on other different formative foundations.

The task was worked to help ranchers in the area water more than 2,000 hectares of land, he expressed. As indicated by him, the chance was made for ranchers to deliver vegetables and products of the soil they produce to the market close by guaranteeing their food security.

The ranchers are presently presented to uprooting and reliance because of the annihilation of the water system project, the representative’s head noted. Abebaw called attention to that restoration will follow when the fear-monger bunch is steered. It is to be reviewed that the TPLF bunch has been obliterating and plundering schools, clinics, and other vital foundations in Amhara and Afar locales.

The psychological militant TPLF has obliterated and plundered the Qobo Girana water system improvement project in North Wolo Zone, the Amhara Region Agriculture Bureau unveiled.

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