The wedding story of Boris and Elena

2011 was that year. As he desired, the groom Boris wed his cherished wife Elena. He joyfully uploaded his wedding images online, sharing his first life with everyone, like many young people do. the joy of the husband. But what he didn’t anticipate was that, rather than the expected blessings that year, the pair would face mockery from all over the Internet since his fiancée was “slightly” heavier than other girls. News has always spread on the Internet with astounding speed and breadth. The wedding pictures were instantly shared worldwide once Boris uploaded them. Boris, the groom, made the decision to log off of his social media accounts in response to the malice coming from all over the world. Avoid it because, despite not being a very attractive woman in the perspective of the general public, my wife holds a special place in my heart and I am confident that these rumours won’t have an impact on our relationship. The protection of his beloved wife moved out of the house shortly after they got back from their honeymoon out of respect for myself, and they gradually disappeared from public view.

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