The whole Merkato is my home

Life is brief. Few people will not want for more time when they are on their deathbeds in this planet. Most people’s greatest regrets center on their experiences, relationships, and pleasure.
We will wish we could travel and move more as we could at 60 when we are 80. We will aspire to be as vivacious and active at 60 as we were at 40. We will also wish to go back to our 25-year-old selves at 40. Why do we want these things, though? It’s because only a small percentage of us can ever completely appreciate all that life has to offer: a life filled with plenty, beauty, and unending opportunities. Being young is a matter of perspective; age is relative. There are people who are 70 years old but appear and feel 50. There are also 40-year-olds who appear and feel their age. How well you age and how “aged” you feel will depend on your mental, emotional, and physical health. Young can refer to anyone, regardless of age; it all depends on how you feel about yourself. Having said that, there are numerous experiences in life that are better had when young. The reason for this is that you will value and enjoy your life more if you can spend more time doing these things. Nobody will care for you if you don’t look after yourself. You must be the best. Your happiness is the source of everything in your life. Be the person who brings you joy. savor the little things. Take more strolls. Stop and observe a creek that is bubbling. At Barnes & Noble, take a seat in a big chair and enjoy a wonderful book. Look at the aging people holding hands. These tiny, seemingly trivial things make up life. They are not unimportant. Make sure to give them the attention they deserve.

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