The woman who gave birth to 4 children

While it is true that there is no one definition or right way to parent, following a few simple guidelines can help to make sure your child is happy. There is some discretion involved in parenting. There isn’t a single guideline that applies to all kids. Different kids could require various amounts of care, expressions of affection, and harshness. What if you approached me while I was in a coconut garden and asked, “How much water per plant?” “At least 50 gallons per plant,” I would respond. Your rose plant will perish if you give it 50 liters when you get home. You must determine the type of plant you have in your home and its requirements. It is an honor that this child, this bundle of joy, came through you and is now a part of your family. Children do not belong to you; they are not your own. Just learn how to take pleasure in, nurture, and assist them. Don’t try to use them as a future investment. Let them evolve into whatever it is they must. Don’t try to shape them into what you think is best for life. Your child does not have to follow in your footsteps. Your youngster should carry out an action that you would never have dared to contemplate. The world will advance only after that. People have the misconception that loving their children means giving in to all of their requests. It’s silly if you give them everything they ask for, don’t you think? When you are loving, you can perform any task. When you truly care about someone, you are willing to go against the grain in order to act in their best interests.

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