The woman who hasn’t cut her hair for ages gets a transformation

What an eight-centimeter cut looks like on her is shown in the before and after photos! Just enough to prevent the ends from splitting or drying out too much. Such minor trimmings enable her hair to develop healthily and robustly. I completely agree with her when she calls it an art. She cannot, like the rest of us, begin at the top and descend all the way to the bottom. She brushes in segments instead. She maintains the health of her hair with masks. She stated on Instagram that a mask made of honey, cinnamon, and coconut oil was suitable for her hair. She added that maintaining a healthy diet is essential for keeping her hair looking shiny. She regularly washes her hair as well. She claimed that she washes her hair about three times per week, allowing her own natural oils to maintain the health of her scalp. Angelica regularly massages her scalp because carrying all that extra weight is exhausting. She never applies heat to her hair. She has a lot of hair to damage, which is understandable given that heat damages hair. She doesn’t even curl the hair after washing it; instead, she lets it air dry. She maintains her hair according to three strict guidelines: Before washing hair, brush it. Let the rest of the hair take care of itself and only wash the ends and scalp. Allow the hair to air dry naturally. The majority of the time, Angelica wears braids in her hair. She can go about her daily activities without worrying about stepping on her own hair thanks to it protecting the hair from harm.

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