The woman who lives with wild animals

You could be thinking of Mulualem Girma, a remarkable Ethiopian woman also known as “The Hyena Whisperer.” One of Africa’s most feared carnivores, the hyena, and Mulualem Girma have a special and courageous bond. Mulualem Girma resides in the town of Harar in eastern Ethiopia, where feeding wild hyenas is a long-standing custom. People in Harar have been feeding hyenas at night for ages in order to deter them from attacking cattle and humans. Mulualem Girma has elevated this custom to a remarkable level. Due to her frequent experiences with hyenas, she has acquired the moniker “The Hyena Whisperer”. She is reputed to have a close spiritual bond with hyenas and to see them as family. Through films and news articles, Mulualem Girma’s tale attracted attention on a global scale. Her interactions with hyenas demonstrate the nuanced and perhaps surprising bonds that can develop between people and wildlife, even in circumstances that may appear risky to others. Her work has also increased awareness of the value of collaborating with wildlife and developing strategies to save both the creatures and the way of life of the nearby community. It’s a distinctive and motivational account of coexistence between people and wildlife in Ethiopia.

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