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The Woman Who Married 7 Husbands

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Ethiopian favorable to government demonstrators have reprimanded the United States for forcing limitations on guide over the Tigray struggle, at an immense meeting coordinated by the specialists to show support for their positions.

In excess of 10,000 individuals went to the convention on Sunday, some conveying standards written in English, Arabic, and Amharic. “Ethiopia needn’t bother with (a) overseer,” pronounced one flag at Addis Ababa Stadium, while others decried “Western mediation”.

A notice that read “Fill the dam” was likewise seen, a reference to an immense Nile dam went against by Egypt and Sudan.

“We won’t ever bow down. The preconditions and travel limitations by the US and its partners are totally unsatisfactory. It should be revised,” Adanech Abebe, civic chairman of Addis Ababa, told the meeting coordinated by the service of youth.

The showing was bigger than normal supportive of government rallies, and the public analysis of the US was uncommon.

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