The Yemeni chefs compete on Mirtu Gebeta

Home cooks should work to expand their skill set in addition to their collection of tried-and-true recipes. Once they have mastered them, they can use them in a variety of dishes. What are the fundamental culinary techniques? An omelette should be a basic cooking skill for everyone. They ought to be able to cook a steak to different doneness levels. They must to be able to prepare gravy or a straightforward pan sauce. They ought to be capable of making shortcrust pastry. They should also understand how to chop an onion.Professional chefs use the French term “mise-en-place,” which means having all the ingredients and equipment ready before you even begin cooking, to describe what home cooks refer to as being organised. They always have a schedule for cooking and keep their kitchen space tidy as they go. Quite often, the answer to the question “how can I be a good cook at home” begins with organisation. It’s a beginner mistake to skip reading the entire recipe. The dreaded “leave overnight” or “marinate for an hour” will frequently appear in the middle of a badly prepared recipe. Invest as much money as you can afford into a set of kitchen knives that are of the highest quality. They should be manageably weighty yet also comfy to handle and hold. Always wash them by hand and keep them in a knife block rather than a drawer.

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