The young Abush with singer Asige

The teen from the song Dendasho with singer Asige that we love. When buying for anything with the Renewable Life philosophy, even presents, you should ask yourself two additional questions: Where did it come from and where will it go when someone is done with it? The process becomes circular from the outset when links between the object and the person are considered simultaneously. The joy of a relationship with one another and the shared world is celebrated best by offering gifts. This year, we hope you enjoy the true spirit of the holidays. We were all there. You decide to get a gift for a close friend or family member, thinking to yourself, “Now I’m going to bring something essential to them,” but as soon as you do, you encounter a challenge: Exactly what is a meaningful gift? Let’s consider that. Just give it some thought. The beneficiary is a priceless gift—one that will be appreciated for the rest of their lives when they receive it. Your love and gratitude for having them in your life should, ideally, always be a reminder of it. Gifts with purpose might include more than just material items. They are a stronger, more obvious indication of something. Therefore, all of our gifts were made with those broader, deeper things in mind.

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