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The young chemist who prepares the traditional drink “Tela”

One of Ethiopia’s most underappreciated cultural beverages is tella. It symbolized Ethiopia’s long-standing culture, which was predominately found in the country’s rural areas. Many people have loved this ritual, yet it never seems to get away from the same throng. Ethiopia is home to a wide variety of traditional fermented drinks, both of plant and animal origin. Fermented beverages are popular among individuals in daily life, and they especially like to treat visitors to traditional alcoholic drinks while they are over. One of the common home brews is called Tella, and the basic materials need to make it are all accessible in the area. As a result, although the basic production process is the same, individual tastes may differ. Tella is served at home or in bars called “tellafet,” which only serve the beverage. Tella is made in homes and serves as a significant source of revenue for tiny rural communities that depend on it for survival. It is a cool beverage that is occasionally combined with the awaze spice paste, a staple of Berberé cooking. Tella is no longer consumed as it was in the past, in private or during social gatherings or significant events like weddings and parties, as a result of the recent development of numerous industrial brewers. The traditional taverns known as tellafet are now quite uncommon in Addis Abeba.

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