The young woman who gives Tsebel to every hospital

The young lady who gives Tsebel to each clinic. We face a daily reality that is obliged with regard to settling on life decisions. In Ethiopia, we are offered an extremely restricted chance to pick what we study in advanced education. Decisions are made for us, so we stall out in a field of study that we abhor in light of the fact that we dread the other option, which isn’t being taught, poor or jobless. We dread the censures of our general public and families that might result from our choice to not seek after a field of study that we didn’t pick.

Those of us women who are moving toward our thirties are as yet single can’t live in harmony in the Ethiopian culture, and possibly in different social orders also. We are continually forced to track down ourselves as a spouse and get pregnant. Since we are made to accept that our choices are restricted, which not the slightest bit can incorporate remaining single for the remainder of our lives, we are constrained to make do with less and cut off up in a friendship or marriage that is problematic.

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