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You’ve probably heard horror tales about people who put a lot of effort into important projects in an effort to change how people perceive the world. A writer who is eager to publish their work posts it on a blog in the hopes of receiving feedback. But someone decides to steal their work because they are so passionate about it. They add or remove a few details, pass it off as their own, and ultimately make money off of stolen labour. Plagiarism is typically one of the major issues that has reached epidemic levels. On a website, someone can easily copy content from the internet and spread it as their own. However, there are ways to protect your work from being taken. After putting in a lot of effort to write a fantastic piece or even looking for a thesis. Making sure to save dated copies of your original work is the most crucial step you can take to protect it from being stolen. This can be done in a variety of ways. Print the work out, for instance, and have it notarized. To make sure the work has a postmark date, you can even mail it to yourself. You could compare it to copyright for the common person. Alternately, correctly save the original version to your computer. Even though they might not be sufficient on their own, these are necessary steps that will aid you in the event that you have to appear in court for work theft. In essence, the only way to demonstrate that you are the owner of the work is to have copyright for it.

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