There is a difference in love now and then

I frequently like to dispel the notion that this generation is doomed when it comes to finding true love because times have changed, we have more options, and people are disposable—or so we like to think. But occasionally, I can’t help but wonder if we are. We can’t even get past the initial stages of dating someone without a whirlwind of questions, confusion, doubt, and mixed signals. I wonder how the older generation made it look so easy, and how most of their relationships lasted, and are still going strong. Finding someone is getting tiresome, and loving them is getting even more tiresome. When you came across someone you thought you might like, you took a chance and tried to get to know them well. It paid off; you made it official, you met the parents, you got engaged, you got married, and you had children. It was a straightforward tale about a boy and a girl who fall in love. When you see someone you think you might like and decide to take a chance because you think there might be something there, you pause and consider whether you’re ready for it and whether continuing to talk to the other people you’re currently speaking to is necessary. What if you come across a more successful person? Or more attractive? or wealthier? You analyze and scrutinize everything to the point where you lose sight of the origins of everything. In order to find someone better or until you are “ready” to settle down, you let them go and move on.

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