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These 3 islands are forbidden for visitors

There’s nothing romantic or dreamy about it. These tropical islands may look to be the perfect spot for a sunny holiday, with gorgeous sandy beaches and sparkling oceans, but appearances can be deceiving. From cannibal tribes to swarms of venomous snakes, there’s something for everyone. Here are seven of the world’s most dangerous islands, which are nothing like the conventional holiday places you see on social media. This island was the location of a nuclear test, and it still contains hazardous compounds that make living there extremely unsafe. It’s one of the Indian Ocean’s most gorgeous islands. However, its coastlines are teeming with sharks, which have claimed the lives of seven tourists in the last four years. As a result, you can visit it to enjoy the scenery, but swimming is prohibited, and it is the world’s most dangerous island. The British government conducted secret biological experiments on the island’s surface, which resulted in the annihilation of all of the island’s wildlife. As a result of the lethal pollution, it was transformed from a populated to an empty island, making it the world’s most dangerous island.

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