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These are the 8 reasons why he didn’t pickup his phone

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Although sending a text message seems really obvious, bear with me. You either prefer to phone since you can hear the tone of his voice that way or you can’t type because you’re too busy. These are all good arguments, but he might also have some of his own. I have buddies who would rather read text messages than converse with me. One of them claims that phone calls cause her anxiety, while the other claims that they impede his creative process. I suppose there are numerous ways to skin a cat. Even if his justifications are sound, he clearly handled the situation poorly. He could have notified you in advance if he doesn’t like to call or is going to enter a meeting or anything else, unless there was an emergency. Just to be sure, send him a text. If it gets to him and he reads it but doesn’t respond, at least you’ll know he’s not dead. Putting jokes aside, he could have actually experienced something terrible; it might not have been dangerous, but what if he was mugged and his phone was taken? Or perhaps he’s unwell? The point is that it pays to be certain before making our own judgments. Pay him a visit if you’re in the same city as him and his house isn’t too far away. No matter how you look at it, this circumstance benefits both parties. You can look your best and relax at the same time (whatever you find). You can be certain that he is only being a jerk if he is OK and has been avoiding you on purpose. However, if the opposite were to occur and something did occur, he would appreciate it if you checked on him, and your conscience would also allow you to rest.

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