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These behaviors make you desirable for real

We have probably all heard the phrase “no one is irreplaceable” many times at work, though it is more likely to be used frequently in large corporations where people are still viewed as “positions.” The people who created the great solution, not the technology, product, or process, are what truly define a company as great. And while some people may think the term “irreplaceable” is overused, I think everyone would agree that there are some people who make it very difficult for others to replace them. These are the individuals who have a competitive advantage because they are a priceless resource for any business. And it doesn’t take a brilliant manager to spot these individuals. The “almost irreplaceable” from the “easily replaceable” are distinguished by these 15 behaviors. Most people underperform or only complete the bare minimum needed to cross the task off their list. Here is an easy illustration. We need to order branded t-shirts for our campaign, the manager says. The employee who could be easily replaced would send a link from the first business he encountered. The almost unreplaceable one would say, “I found 5 good solutions for our branded t-shirts, and this one is the cheapest while also being the best in terms of price and quality.” We can have them delivered in a week thanks to a discount I negotiated after asking for an offer. However, I also found a fantastic deal on Bluetooth speakers that we can brand if we decide against switching the t-shirts. They are skilled at communicating a problem clearly and concisely without rambling or giving lengthy explanations. They communicate effectively and respect other people’s time. The difference between irreplaceable employees and easy to replace employees is that the former will handle a client request or a customer complaint in one email conversation anticipating the situation and other sub-questions the client may have, while the latter will have dozens of conversations for the same issue in their inbox.

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