These children divided the audience in to two

Children are happier, have higher self-esteem, and have better relationships when they act authentically. It’s getting harder and harder to raise self-assured kids in a culture that values likes on social media and online connections. Raising genuine children who behave in accordance with their true nature and beliefs rather than being persuaded to follow the crowd is even harder. Before the age of six, when children begin to explore their emotions and learn how to communicate them, social and emotional development in children is at its peak. It’s crucial to instill authenticity in children at a young age. give kids a sense of importance. Your child will be more comfortable expressing his true self if he feels valued. Give him options whenever you can, like asking him whether he would rather have dinner with peas or carrots. Even if you disagree with his views, you still need to show respect for them. Respect the differences in your child. Never criticize your child for their differences, including their love of science or their shaggy brown hair. Encourage creative expression and imagination. Did your kid come downstairs wearing an unflattering outfit? laud her unique sense of style! Observe and praise your child’s imaginative play, creations, and stories. Live your life honestly. Being authentic yourself is one of the best ways to encourage authenticity in children because they absorb their surroundings. If you want to sing loudly in the shower or wear sweatpants to dinner, do it as your nature and desires dictate. Your child will pick up on these behaviors and imitate them. Buy things that are mindful. They provide board books that concentrate on various social-emotional abilities, including stress reduction, gratitude, conflict resolution, and mindfulness.

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