These habits might be exposing you to breast cancer

Anything that raises your likelihood of contracting an illness, like breast cancer, is a risk factor. However, having one or more risk factors does not guarantee that you will develop the condition. Personal habits including nutrition and exercise are linked to several breast cancer risk factors. The choice to have children and the use of hormone-containing medications are two additional risk factors related to lifestyle. There is no doubt that drinking alcohol increases the chance of developing breast cancer. According to the amount of alcohol consumed, the danger rises. Women who have one alcoholic drink per day face a slight (about 7%–10%) risk increase compared to those who abstain, whereas those who consume two to three drinks per day face roughly a 15% risk increase. After menopause, being overweight or obese raises the risk of developing breast cancer. Before menopause, a woman’s ovaries produce the majority of her oestrogen, with adipose tissue producing the remainder. Most oestrogen produced after menopause comes from adipose tissue. After menopause, having more fat tissue can elevate oestrogen levels and increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Blood insulin levels are frequently higher in overweight women. Some malignancies, particularly breast cancer, have been related to higher insulin levels. The relationship between breast cancer risk and weight is complicated, though. Women who put on weight as adults are at higher risk for developing breast cancer after menopause. The risk is actually lower for women who are overweight or obese before menopause.

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