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These mistakes makes you undesirable

Sometimes the best dating advice comes from looking closely at the largest, most regular relationship blunders that you and many other clever, wonderful women just like you make all too frequently, as well as from knowing what you should do to get a guy to like you. If you identify with this, don’t panic; I’ve been there and it can be fixed. There is a difference between truly wanting to enjoy a relationship and secretly believing that you would perish if you are single. Too much desire for a connection conveys a needy aura, which is a concern. This attitude is interpreted by guys as “She doesn’t care if she genuinely likes me; she just wants someone.” This hungry energy gives your date control of the situation and ruins the chance to win you over through the pursuit. If you’re currently in a relationship, being afraid of being alone will make you settle for connections that aren’t right for you since you don’t feel at ease in your own company. Relationships cannot make your sadness go away. Although it can be transforming and beautiful, it is absurd to expect a man to make you happy. The key to attracting the best man for you is to learn to be content with your life as it is. Positive people are contagious! People frequently get this wrong, thus they are perplexed as to why they are unable to find love. Before entering a relationship, you must be content with your life.

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