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Happiness is contagious, as it turns out. You’re more likely to be happy yourself if you see happiness in your family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. So, how does joy spread? What is the point of putting forth the effort? What does happiness mean to us, and what are some of the ways we may spread happiness? Happiness can be transmitted from one person to another, according to studies. When you’re happy, it’s more likely that those around you will be as well. When your social circle is happier, they will help you to be happier as well. This is known as a positive feedback loop, and it is beneficial to all parties involved. Happiness as a contagious disease that can be shared between people hasn’t piqued the scientific community’s curiosity. Happiness, according to studies, may be passed from one person to the next as it moves across a community, office building, or neighborhood. We already know that smiling and laughing are contagious, and that smiling can make you feel better. Our proclivity to imitate others’ facial expressions and body language can have a significant impact on our moods. The authors of the above-mentioned 2008 study believe that a slew of small moments of joy and happiness shared with others has an impact on your own happiness. And it appears that happiness is 30 percent more contagious than sorrow. Happiness can be passed between partners by helping them cope with pressures like losing a job or illness, according to one research of married couples, and one study of sports reveals that athletes are happy when their teammates are happier. Even social media sites like Twitter show grouping of cheerful and sad people. Finally, if you’re like most people, you seek aid from your pals when you’re in a bad mood. You could ask family members or coworkers for help. In these instances, happier people are more helpful and willing to put in the effort required to improve your attitude.

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