They both changed when I was in the hospital

Life can teach us so much. lessons on self-worth, self-control, boundaries, and patience. The list goes on and on. We must examine our problems and determine why we are experiencing them. Every kind of frustration we feel has a lesson underneath it. Spend some time reflecting on your past and present experiences and the lessons that can be drawn from them. I firmly believe that life is just one big opportunity for learning, so there are lessons to be learned at every turn. They can be quite persistent, so don’t be afraid to approach them. Instead, make an effort to really pay attention to your experiences because doing so will allow you to give yourself time to process the lesson. One way that going through difficult times makes you stronger is that it aids in identifying your primary network of supporters. Those people who are always there for you. Your friendships will be put to the test in difficult times. These relationships also serve as a foundation for your strength because you know who to turn to during the toughest times.
Even though learning this lesson might be difficult, especially if you end up losing some friends along the way, it will lead to stronger bonds with the people who matter the most. The difficult times have a way of destroying the weak bonds and strengthening the strong ones. You are put to the test when you face difficult times together. Coming out the other side, you are confident that you are more resilient than you were before, and that knowledge is like gold in your heart. Anyone who stands by you can be relied on for life, and that is priceless, regardless of whether you are experiencing financial difficulties or the illness of a loved one.

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