They meet suddenly…Haimanot and Getu Omahire

Being emotionally supportive. This is probably the most important element of any adult friendship. Best friends refrain from unnecessarily criticizing each other and tend to be nonjudgmental. A best friend will listen to you and thoughtfully respond rather than react to what you’ve said even if you have triggered something in him or her. The ability to hear what another is truly saying is one of the best parts of friendship. Best friends go out of their way for the people they care about, and it feels good to both parties. You can tell who your real friends are when you need help with a move or a ride to the airport. Thoughtfulness is a quality that deepens and strengthens any friendship. Being able to see someone else’s needs and to do what you can to fulfill those needs enables bonding experiences. Our best friends do things for us no one else would think of. Reliability. It makes you feel better and boosts your confidence to know that you can always call on your best buddy for help. Your closest friends accept you, warts and all. They don’t demand excellence. They are understanding rather than judgmental when you aren’t performing at your best. Someone who cares about you will inquire if they can assist you or if they should leave you alone if that’s what you need if you’re having a bad day. On a cocktail serviette once given to me by a friend, it was written, “Friends are therapists you can drink with.” Although a good friend is not the same as a drinking partner, a good friendship can be therapeutic.

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